Snow Report

Ohau is Opening on Sat 29 June

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Ohau Sustainable

Ohau Snowfields and Lake Ohau Lodge are committed to becoming progressively more sustainable in day-to-day operations.

Snow fields, in particular, are windows through which critical issues such as global warming can be observed. Hence it is important that we demonstrate leadership in the areas of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the efficient use and treatment of water, avoiding waste and chemical use, community engagement, and, maintaining healthy waterways and ecosystems. Sustainability also makes good business sense - in implementing initiatives we become more aware and more efficient. Plus, in becoming less 'carbon intensive' we hedge against the 'carbon price' rise on key operational inputs associated with the introduction of NZ's emissions trading scheme.  

This report lay the groundwork of the 'Ohau Sustainable' program and identified areas where we could improve- since this time we are proud to have:

  • installed mains power to the snowfield, thus reducing GHG emissions, air particulates and energy costs
  • installed a glass grinder, which converts glass bottles into a local and usable aggregate resource (saving waste landfill space and GHG emissions caused by trucking these bottles to landfill)
  • upgraded our waste recycling program in the 'Avalunch Cafe'
    completed the NSAA's 'Sustainable Slopes Charter' survey
  • gained Enviro-Gold accreditation from Qualmark.

Ohau plans to remeasure it's carbon footprint to quantify emissions reductions on its 2008 base year carbon footprint. Stay tuned for more updates.